Preparing for the Live Great Run

By Albert Tan

You have done the training, you have tapered yourself, and you are highly motivated and excited about the race. Now, it is time for you to focus on the race day itself. A proper race day preparation will ensure that everything will go smoothly and any frustration or stress can be avoided. 


The Day before

There’s so much to do the day before the race if you have not done any of these yet. Funny as it seems but it happens quite often even to those who are regular runners. Among the things you should be doing are as follows:


  • Make sure you have collected your race kit. If you are away and unable to collect it yourself, ask your friends to collect on behalf of you. Do get your friend to bring along your confirmation slip and an authorization letter too;
  • If you are coming from a different state or overseas, make sure you have booked accommodation to stay for the night near the race venue. I often get friends or receive calls from people the evening or night before the race that they need a place for the night due to room unavailability; 
  • Have your race number pinned to your running t-shirt so you would spend less time preparing on the race day itself;
  • Prepare the things you need and put them in a bag such as medicine if you have any health complication, heating gel for muscles, cap (if needed), additional supplement if you want, towel and clothes to change after the run;
  • Lay out the things you need to put on for the race so you wouldn’t spend time searching for them;
  • Set your alarm clock 2 hours before the race. If you need longer time to get ready, you can wake up 3 hours earlier;
  • Sleep early. At least 6 hours before the run.


On the Race Day

This is it. Get ready on race day and:


  • Have a light breakfast such as bread, buns, boiled eggs, pancakes, and cereals along with fruit juice or coffee. There’s no harm taking energy bar though it is not for the reason to replace your breakfast;
  • Take a shower in the morning to keep you fresh;
  • Clear your bowel at home if possible;
  • Depart from home early so you can find a parking space near to the race venue. If you plan to carpool, make sure you estimate the time needed to reach your friends place and the race venue so you know when to depart from home. Otherwise, staying overnight together would save time for traveling;
  • At the race venue, the organiser would normally provide baggage storage area. So take whatever things you need with you and leave the rest in the bag to be kept safe at the storage area;
  • For safety purpose, try avoid listening to MP3 player during the run.


After the Race

After you have completed the race:


  • Cool down after the run. Upon completion of the race, jog very slowly for a few minutes to keep the blood flowing and muscles warm, sending nutrients and oxygen to the working muscles for recovery;
  • Do not stop and sit down after an exhaustive run. Walk if you can barely jog to keep the blood flowing. The lower body blood pressure will be low and we need the muscles to assist the blood flow back to the heart by contracting it;
  • Rehydrate yourself by taking electrolyte drinks;
  • Perform some static stretches and reduce muscle tightness;
  • Replenish your energy by eating the refreshments provided by the organizer;
  • Remember to collect your bags from the storage area;
  • Should you feel exhausted, spend some time around or rest at the medical tent.


Last but not least, enjoy the run and have fun. Take some photos for memories and proof of your run. 



The Live Great Run is a special event under the Live Great Programme, a holistic health and wellness programme to help you live healthier, longer and better. Register at to receive Live Great updates and privileges.



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