Staying Motivated

By Albert Tan

As the race day draws near, some of you might be experiencing some injuries and body fatigue due to over-training and lack of rest. This will frustrate some of you and may put doubts in your mind whether you’d make it for the race as you would take days off for recovery purposes. Do not let this emotion get to you. In this article, I will offer you suggestions on what you can do to stay motivated until the race.


Have Fun
Have a change in your training routine. You can have some sessions of recreational games such as playing Frisbee, volleyball or captain ball during one of the training sessions. If there’s an aerobic dance session in the park where you are training, just join them and enjoy yourself. The main point here is to have fun and forget about running for a while.

Take the Days Off
Taking a few days off and spend time with your family or loved ones will not hurt your training; instead it will help you perform better when you return. The muscles will only recover and adapt during rest period and not during training. So go to a theme park, watch a movie, go enjoy the food you’ve been craving so much for or play some games with family and loved ones at home. 

Watch Inspiring Movies or Videos
Sometimes all we need is just some inspiring stories. Log on to YouTube and search for running inspiration and motivation and you will find tons of videos on such keywords. Go through the videos and pick the one that inspires or motivates you. Keep watching it over and over again until you feel like running. There are other inspiring sports movies available on the net. Get some of these movies and watch it with your family, loved ones and friends.

Go for Treatment
There will be situations where you might face slightly severe injuries like runner’s knee, plantar fasciitis (pain under the arch of foot), or Patellofemoral joint pain (pain at the knee cap), seeking treatment from professionals is advisable. Knowing that your injuries are being treated and fixed by these experts will give you the confidence. Not knowing the causes to your injuries and being unable to fix it will frustrate you and de-motivate you.


Join Yoga or Qi Gong

Since fatigue may occur to both the brain and muscles, joining a yoga class or Qi Gong has proven to be effective as well. Such exercise teaches people to relax and clear the mind by focusing on the breathing and movement pattern. It also helps in blood flow and improves the muscles’ range of motion and recovery.  


Listening to Music

Interestingly our body works in ways that most of us would hardly understand. Recent researches have studied the effect of music during exercise on how it affects the cognitive part of the body. In other words, it is able to alter emotional and physiological arousal of a human being. The research shows that listening to the right music is able to help to motivate an individual and improve sports performance by 20 percent. So go explore the music that can really motivate and arouse you to perform. 



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