To Train in the Morning or Evening?

Over the years, many people have started getting involved in road races and have been training for it. You will see people jogging early in the morning, in the afternoon at the gym, late in the evening and even at night. So, is there a proper time to train? If yes, which hour of the day is the best time to train? 

Monitor Your Training

Knowing how often to train and how often you have trained is very important especially in running. Most serious runners plan and monitor their training programme to ensure that they are on the right track to achieve their goals. Serious runners are not necessarily top athletes but are people who take running seriously for the sake of performance and health besides being conscious of injury prevention.

The Running Techniques

I am sure that many people who are new to running have questions on whether they have the right running technique or the need to change their running style. They may think that if their movement were uneconomical or inefficient, they would run slower or may be prone to injuries.

Scientific studies in the area of Sports Biomechanics have shown that top or elite level runners have very high efficiency and economical running style, allowing them to run with less oxygen and use less energy as compared to normal runners at any given speed. However, all the top runners’ performance is attributed to different running styles.

3 Effective Ways for Programme Adherence

How many of you have made a New Year resolution or wish but never fully accomplished it? I think most people were unable to. Why is that? There may be different reasons to it and the same goes to a running programme. I would not touch on the reasons but I will emphasise on ways to help you adhere or follow the programme from start to finish. Starting something new requires discipline, which can later form a habit. Once you are into it, you will never stop.

Find the Right Shoes

Finding the right shoes require you to know your feet condition. Most people go to the shop, spot the shoes they like, try them on and buy them without knowing if the shoes fit their foot type. We will go through the types of feet condition and the right shoes for you.

The Starter Kits for Running

Running is the similar to other sports, which require certain kits for safety purposes and better performance. This article will cover the basic and essential running kits as well as some good-to-have kits that are optional.

Are you safe to run?

Did you just enrol for an upcoming road race or plan to start running be it for fun, health or fitness purpose? Well, good for you. But just to let you know that forming a habit of running is never that easy for someone who is new to running. It is not only about the consistency and the persistency of running every day in order to achieve your goal. Talking about goal, we will go into it a little bit more in a while. Running involves commitment. It involves planning and it involves monitoring.