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Train for Your Run in 12 Weeks

With LIVE GREAT RUN PREP by Albert Tan

Be safe and have fun with the right training


More and more people are involved in endurance sports such as the 10km road race, marathon, triathlon and road cycling as well as mountain biking. The number of participation has increased tremendously in the past few years with some doing it for pleasure, some for better health and there are also some of those who strive to win for glory.


However, the understanding of the science and art of such sports among our people is still lacking, This can be seen in the many questions raised among the different level of participants on the problems and challenges that they are facing. Such questions include “How to choose the right shoes?”, “How much should I train?”, “How to avoid injury?”, “What should I do when improvement in my performance come to a standstill?” and “How can I recover better from training and races?”, etc. If you want the answers to the above questions and more, this is the right column for you.


We have brought to you Albert Tan, a qualified and well-known physiology expert and a passionate runner himself, to provide runners with the right knowledge and training so that all the endurance sports enthusiasts may enjoy the sports and perform better. 


The “Live Great Run Prep” is designed to help you prepare for a safe and enjoyable Live Great Run and your many other runs in the future, specially customised for (1) Beginners and (2) Intermediate Runners. It will be published here in 3 phases:


Week 1 to 4 Training:  General Phase
Week 5 to 8 Training:  Specific Phase
Week 9 to 12 Training: Competition Phase


About Albert Tan

Albert Tan is the head of Exercise Physiology Expert Centre at the National Sports Institute of Malaysia (ISN) with vast experience in assessing and evaluating endurance performance and prescribing endurance training programme for both athletes and the public. The former sports science team leader for Malaysia aquatic sports and exercise physiologist for other endurance sports is also a certified personal trainer and a fellow of National Defense University of Malaysia (UPNM) coaching science programme.


A University of Malaya graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Sports Science, Albert is an endurance sports lover, especially in running and also a coach who have recently returned to the world of endurance sports and coach people in endurance sports.


Albert’s passion is in studying and exploring intervention for endurance performance and sharing it with other endurance sports lovers. He specialises in the areas of the different types of training, environment condition, recovery strategies, mechanical movement, ergogenic aids, nutrition and how it affects endurance performance with the goal to reduce injury and enhance performance.



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